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Picnic backpack

Picnic backpack/ Custom price: 17$/ MOQ: 1000PCS/ Spot: No/ Customization type: OEM/OBM/ODM (LOGO or pattern can be customized)/ Name: Picnic backpack or picnic rucksack Dimensions: Length 30 X Width 20 X Height 42cm/ Color: blue (color can be customized according to the design)/ Material: Polyester Oxford Cloth/Lining: Polyester Oxford Cloth/ 4-person picnic backpack, refrigerated with insulation, leak-proof, cold bag, wine rack, blanket, tableware storage function, very suitable for beaches, day trips, hiking, camping, barbecue, family, and couple gifts

Model:picnic backpack 001

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Product Description

Picnic backpack for 4 people

A 4-person picnic backpack that can carry mugs is suitable for outdoor picnics or daily life. It is a backpack used to hold food such as fresh fruits and maintain the temperature and freshness of the food. It is a type of outdoor luggage. It is a multifunctional backpack for outdoor picnics. As a healthy and natural way of life, picnics are of course inseparable from backpacks for carrying food, so we have developed a series of picnic backpacks based on the market. The picnic backpack we developed has received unanimous praise and attention from our customers with the concepts of fashion, environmental protection, safety and health. Its consumer group is between 25-40 years old, with a certain degree of cultural literacy, and the pursuit of family and quality of life. People

Best selling picnic backpack for 4 people


Price: 17$
Price: 17$
Price: 17$
MOQ: 1000PCS
MOQ: 1000PCS
MOQ: 1000PCS

Best selling picnic backpack for 4 people

Best selling picnic backpack for 4 people

Best selling picnic backpack for 4 people

Picnic backpack details overview



Brand Name:


Model Number:



4 Persons

Surface fabric:




Product name:

Picnic Backpack







H.S code:



500pcs per color


Accept OEM / ODM


FOB yantian

Packing quantity:

12 pcs

Backpack size:


Place of Origin:


Blanket opening size:


Packaging & Delivery

Picnic backpack packaging details:
1 pieces packed into one clear polybag and 12 bags packed into one export carton

Lead Time

1000-3000 3000-5000 5000-1000 10000-20000 >20000
45 45 55 60 To be negotiated

1. The internal structure of a picnic backpack

1. The internal structure of a picnic backpack 1. The internal structure of a picnic backpack 1. The internal structure of a picnic backpack

(1)Picnic backpacks are usually made of 600D Oxford cloth waterproof fabric, and the whole body is lined with polymer foam elastic cotton, which is tough and stylish. A standard picnic backpack consists of three parts: a tableware bin, a food bin, and a side bucket, and some picnic backpacks are also equipped with carpets. The cutlery warehouse is usually in the front, equipped with complete cutlery for picnics, including knives, forks, spoons, mugs, Western napkins, butter boxes, salt and pepper shakers, corkscrews, portable cutting boards, etc., and uses various structures to hold them Arranged in an orderly manner.

(2)According to the configuration of tableware, the picnic backpack is divided into two servings and four servings. The two-serving picnic backpack is equipped with two sets of utensils, while the four-serving picnic backpack contains four sets of utensils.

(3)The food warehouse is usually at the back and is used to store food for picnics. Inside the aluminum foil, it is insulated with polymer foamed elastic cotton and has the function of keeping cold and heat. If a picnic bag has only a food compartment and no cutlery compartment, it becomes a cooler bag.
The side bucket is a small bag on the side of a picnic backpack. It is specially designed to hold red wine or beverages. To maintain the taste, this small bag is also insulated like a food warehouse.

(4)The carpet is also called a "camping seat cushion". It is a flannelette mat with a waterproof bottom, which is equipped for picnics. It is folded and retracted and is very convenient to use. 

2.Cleaning and maintenance of picnic backpack

(1). Cutlery: The used cutlery is collected and brought back through the folding bag, washed and dried, and put into the cutlery bin according to the structure.

(2). In the package body and tableware warehouse: dip a soft brush with diluted laundry detergent or detergent, wipe the dirty place, and dry it.

(3). Inside the food warehouse: wipe it with a damp cloth, add a little detergent in case of heavy oil stains, and finally wipe it dry with a clean damp cloth.

(4). Carpet: Normally, the front suede (or acrylic) can be folded and stored for next use after shaking off the dust. After using in a dirty environment, wipe the back with a damp cloth. After the front stain can be smeared with detergent, rinse it with clean water and dry it.

(5). There are no special requirements for daily storage. It is recommended to close the zipper to ensure that the bag is clean so that it can be used directly next time.

3.Picnic backpack accessories details

Picnic backpack accessories details Picnic backpack accessories details Picnic backpack accessories details

1.Picnic backpack accessories details
2.Picnic backpack accessories details
3.Picnic backpack accessories details

(1)Our picnic backpack uses a zinc alloy slider as the opening method of the zipper, and the anti-oxidation coating adopts a vacuum plating process, which plays a key role in improving the oxidation resistance and fatigue resistance of the zipper slider. Increase the service life of the product

(2)We use environmentally friendly plastic fasteners because they can protect the environment and reduce carbon emissions. The most important thing is that it also has high tensile strength and strong load-bearing capacity

(3)We use environmentally friendly plastic fasteners, the purpose of which is to enhance the load-bearing capacity of the picnic backpack, which can show a strong load-bearing capacity under overload conditions

Our team

Picnic backpack production factory Picnic backpack production factory
Ministry of Foreign Trade
Ministry of Foreign Trade

Picnic backpack production factory Picnic backpack production factory

Internet Operations Department
Product Development Conference

Our team members have expertise in backpack production and product development. Can provide you with professional picnic backpack manufacturing solutions, efficiently and quickly complete every customer's order to us, and provide you with necessary suggestions in terms of raw materials and processes, and save more production costs

4.Company Information

Picnic backpack production factory Picnic backpack production factory

A production workshop
B production workshop

Picnic backpack production factory Picnic backpack production factory
C production workshop
D production workshop

5.about us

1.The company covers an area of 15,000 square meters

2.Number of skilled production workers: 300

3.Bag-making equipment: 260 sets
4.Our production cycle: 1000-3000 products, the production cycle is 50 days,

5000-10000 products, 60 days production cycle
More than 10,000, negotiate and negotiate according to the actual situation
5.The categories of products we can produce: backpacks, diaper bags, cosmetic bags, toiletry bags, canvas handbags, sports bags,
gym bags, travel bags, camera backpacks, school bags, ice bags, ice bags, gym bags, holiday gift bags, etc.
6.Mainly used in the production of raw materials: all kinds of Oxford cloth
7.Processing method: OEM\ODM\OBM
8.Authoritative certification: BSCI, Sedex
9.Trademark: Yes
10.Patent: Yes


Q1.What is the purpose of a picnic backpack?

Answer:Picnic is a healthy and natural way of life, of course, it is also inseparable from the backpack used to carry food.

Q3: What is your mass production output?
(1) Our simple backpack produces 50,000 pieces per day and 1,500,000 pieces per month.
Q4. How long is your sample production lead time? Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?
(1) We can provide you with free samples, but you need to pay the express fee from China to your country.
Q5: You don't want our product design, can you make and produce according to my design drawing?
Q6: Do you have a MOQ limit?
Q7. Are you a factory or a trader?
Q8. What are your payment terms?
A:<= 1000USD, 100% payment in advance.
B:>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance, 70% D/P for shipment

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