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soccer bag

soccer bag.Youth football bags-boys and girls football backpacks, basketball, volleyball, football bags and backpacks with ball room. Guarantee the best price. Buy all the football equipment and clothing you need.

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Product Description

soccer bag

1. Factory real shot display

2. Packing and shipping of baseball backpacks

(1) Sales unit: each.

(2) The default single package size: length 50cmX width 36cmX height 23cm, we can customize the design packaging size according to your needs, so as to save you freight.

(3) Packing specification: 49cm X 30m X 50cm. 10PCS/carton. Carton material: K=K 5-layer thick corrugated paper.

(4) Gross weight of the whole box: 9.2Kg.

(5) Net weight of the whole box: 7.2Kg.

(6) Mode of transportation: sea, air, land. We will choose the most favorable logistics transportation method.

(7) If you need a sample of this baseball backpack, we will choose to ship it to you by air.

(8) We can design a more cost-effective packaging method, but this will sacrifice some things and may cause changes in the appearance of the product. We generally do not recommend customers to use this method.

(9) If necessary, we will design the packaging of this baseball backpack according to your requirements.

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3. Introduction of Baseball Backpack:

(1) The large main compartment is suitable for helmets, gloves and equipment.

(2) Molded barrel lock neoprene bat sleeve can hold up to 2 bats.

(3) Wool lining cell phone pocket.

(4) Ventilated shoe compartment.

(5) Removable decorative panel (suitable for 12 inch hoop).

(6) Durable J-shaped fence hook.

(7) Compound treated waterproof substrate.

(8) Padded shoulder straps and back circumference.

(9) The ideal size for players of all levels from youth league to adult jogging.

(10) Water-resistant polyester Oxford.

(11) Prepare all equipment in one stop, ready to play. From youth to adult, perfect-designed to fit all baseball equipment space, each bag can hold up to four bats or water bottles, a baseball helmet, batting gloves, cleats, baseball caps and gripping gloves. Don’t settle for a bag that doesn’t even fit your baseball helmet.

(12) External helmet storage-This unique design allows your baseball helmet to be stored on the outside of the bag, thus freeing up the inside to store more baseball equipment.

(13) Breathable and comfortable, easy to carry and ventilate to prevent odor-each adjustable sports backpack is equipped with padded shoulder straps and waist protection device, as well as built-in ventilation device, can provide cool and comfortable feeling.

(14) Convenient desirability-The luggage also has an integrated fence hook for leakproof device, ventilated shoe compartment, external Velcro batting glove area and external pockets for keys, phones, wallets, etc.

(15) Durable durability-Our baseball bat bag is made of high-density 600 denier Oxford fiber and polyester fiber, which can withstand practice, games and night games.

4. Baseball backpack product parameters (specifications)

Directory name

Detailed description

additional services

product brand



product name

Baseball backpack


scenes to be used

Long-distance travel use


Fabric material

1200D waterproof cow nylon Zimbu

Can be produced by changing materials as required

Lining material

210D nylon lining

Can be produced by changing materials as required


Vertical square shoulder baseball backpack




Other colors can be customized


Length 50cmX Width 36cmX Height 23cm

Size can be customized according to requirements


One product into one PE plastic bag, 10 pcs/carton

The packaging method can be designed according to requirements

Applicable product type

Outdoor basketball sports goods


Custom way

OEM, ODM, Brand agency

Free choice to meet individual needs

product weight



5. How to choose the best baseball backpack?

Are you a baseball player? The player must have a baseball backpack. This is because; the best baseball backpack provides convenience for the player; to move his equipment from one point to another in the stadium. As a sport, baseball comes with a lot of equipment, which requires a sturdy bag to store everything. Baseball backpacks usually have compartments, and equipment can be stored in each compartment. This means that the bag has compartments for each device, such as compartments for bats, cleats, shoes and gloves.

(1) Baseball bags are available in various styles, fabrics and colors. You can choose a variety of travel bags to keep your sports equipment. The baseball backpack you choose depends on your needs. As mentioned earlier, most of these baseball backpacks contain various compartments. Their price depends on their size and quality. Finding a suitable baseball backpack is not an easy task. However, you must ensure that the baggage purchased meets your financial ability and requirements.

(2) Know the number of equipment you have; because this will show the size of the bag you need in order to put all the items in the baseball backpack. Never buy the biggest baseball backpack. But for a baseball backpack that can not only carry equipment, but also a bag that can carry its own bag. You can choose a bag with a shoulder strap because you can simply hang it over your shoulder while traveling.

(3) Make sure your baseball backpack is waterproof. This will ensure that no moisture enters the inside of the bag; because the bag contains moisture-sensitive equipment, such as wooden sticks and gloves, if they come into contact with moisture, they will Affect their performance during the day. The material used can be leather, plastic or cloth.

(4) Check the material of the baseball backpack (if it is made of thicker and durable material).

(5) The baseball backpack you choose should have an internal padding to protect the internal necessities from damage caused by accidental drops.

(6) The baseball backpack should be flexible. The baseball backpack has movable wheels or belts. Straps or wheels make it easier for players to carry the bag.

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