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pistol bag

Tactical shoulder pistol holster. Suitable for pistols, pistols and revolvers. It holds a pistol and three magazines. The dual magazine bag holds two large magazines.pistol bag

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pistol bag

1. Product introduction of ladies computer backpack:

Tactical shoulder pistol holster.

Suitable for pistols, pistols and revolvers.

It holds a pistol and three magazines.

The dual magazine bag holds two large magazines.

A single magazine bag next to the holster can hold a small magazine or flashlight.

Universal design fits a variety of handgun frame sizes.

Durable nylon construction, waterproof.

Both sides can be naughty band, can be firmly fixed in the appropriate position of the holster.

Velcro closure ensures maximum security.

Holders and magazine bags are interchangeable.

It is the ideal choice for military, law enforcement, hunters, family self-defense, etc.

Color: black/tan/green/CP/ACU/jungle Camoufalge.

Material: Nylon.

Weight: 0.3 KG.

Holder size: 190x 110 x 50mm.

Double magazine bag size: 130 x 110mm.

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2. Ladies computer backpack product parameters (specifications)

Directory name

Detailed description

additional services

product brand


Can be OEM production

The product name

Pistol bag

Material can be replaced as required

Usage scenarios


Material can be replaced as required

The fabric material

210 d Oxford cloth

Other colors can be customized

Material in the material

Vertical square backpack

Size can be customized according to request


One product into a PE plastic bag, 10 per box

Packing can be designed according to requirements


Includes 15.6 inches below the size of notebook computers, tablets

Free choice to meet individual needs


OEM, ODM, Brand Agency

Additional services



Can be OEM production

Applicable product type

Detailed instructions

Material can be replaced as required

Customize the way


Material can be replaced as required

The product weight

Pistol bag

Other colors can be customized


3. Classification and characteristics of handguns

According to the object of use, pistols can be divided into military pistols, police pistols and sports pistols.According to their use, they can be divided into self-defense pistols, combat pistols (high-power pistols and assault pistols) and special pistols (including silent pistols and various stealth pistols);According to the structure can be divided into automatic pistols, revolvers and air pistols (such as sports pistols).

Compared with other firearms, the main characteristics of handguns are:

(1) small mass, small volume, full of bullets pistol total mass: military pistol is generally about 1kg, police pistol in about 800g, easy to carry.

(2) The barrel is short, and the caliber is mostly between 7.62 and 11.43mm. Some small calibers are used, but most of them are 9mm caliber, which is suitable for killing living targets in close range.

(3) magazine feed, self-use gun magazine capacity is large, most of 6 ~ 12 rounds, some up to 20 rounds;Revolvers have a small capacity of 5 to 6 rounds.

(4) Most use semi-automatic (single shot) fire, but there are a few handguns (such as assault pistols) use automatic (continuous shot) fire.The former has a combat rate of 30 ~ 40 rounds /min, while the latter has a combat rate of 120 rounds /min.

(5) Simple structure, convenient operation, easy to mass production, low cost.

The disadvantage of the pistol is that the effective range is short, generally about 50m, while the effective range of the assault pistol is longer, but not more than 150m.Due to the larger quality of the assault pistol, the accuracy of the continuous fire is poor, the firepower is not as good as the submachine gun, so it has not been widely used.

4. Factory real shot display

5. Packing and transportation of pistol bags

(1) Sales units: 1.

(2) Default single packing size: 41cm X 30cm X 15cm, we can customize the packaging size according to your needs, in order to save freight for you.

(3) Packing specification: 43cm X 33m X 45cm.10PCS/ box.Carton material: K=K 5 layers of thickened corrugated paper.

(4) FCL gross weight: 10KG.

(5) FCL net weight: 8.5kg.

(6) Mode of transportation: by sea, air and land.We will choose the most favorable logistics mode of transportation.

(7) We can design more freight saving packing method, but this will sacrifice some things, may cause the appearance of the product change, we generally do not recommend customers to use this method.

(8) If necessary, we will design the packing method of this college backpack according to your requirements.

(9) If you need the sample of this college backpack, we will choose to send it to you by air.

6. After-sales service

(1) We will strictly control the quality of the products and deliver them to you with 100% qualified rate.

(2) We will do everything possible to save costs for you.

(3) Our enterprise mailbox is permanently effective, and by professional customer service personnel, you can write to consult and complain at any time.We will read and reply efficiently and carefully.

(4) We will inform you of the production progress of the order products in time during the production process, so that you can know the status of the order more quickly.

We will keep in touch 24 hours a day.We will communicate effectively to ensure smooth communication of information.

(6) After sale of samples. If the first version needs to be modified, we will modify the samples according to the modification details, and the whole process of producing the second version of samples is completely free of charge.


Q5:  Are you a factory or a trader?

A: We are a bag manufacturer in China, a bag manufacturer in China, not a trader.

Q2: What are your terms of payment?

A: & lt;= 1000USD, 100% payment in advance.

> = 1000USD, 30% T/T in advance, 70%D/P delivery.

Q5. How many days is the lead time of your sample production?Do you provide samples?Is it free or extra?

A :(1) We can provide free samples to you, but you need to pay the express fee from China to your country.

(2) 7-10 working days for customized samples and 48 hours for spot samples.

Q6. How long will it take you to communicate and reply?

A: We will reply to you within 4 hours after receiving your enquiry email.

Q7: You don't want our product design, can you manufacture according to my design drawing?

A: Yes, we can produce according to your design drawing.

Q9: Do you have a minimum order?

A: Yes, it depends on the level of craftsmanship and quantity of your product.

Q10: Do you accept third-party inspection?Can you provide the product test report?How about the quality of your production?

A:(1)Yes, we accept third-party inspection.

(2) Can provide product test report.

(3) We are the product manufacturer of Disney schoolbags, Wal-Mart bags and Samsonite. Please rest assured about the quality of our products.

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