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packit lunch bag

Heat and cold insulation bag is the most basic function, is a kind of special bag with short-term heat preservation effect, can keep cold/heat, the product insulation layer is pearl cotton + aluminum foil foil, can provide good heat insulation effect.packit lunch bag

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packit lunch bag

1. Lunch insulation bag product introduction:

Extended Information:

Features of insulation package:

(1) heat and cold

Heat and cold insulation bag is the most basic function, is a kind of special bag with short-term heat preservation effect, can keep cold/heat, the product insulation layer is pearl cotton + aluminum foil foil, can provide good heat insulation effect.

(2) durable

(3) Must have superior impact resistance, not easy to break under heavy pressure or impact, will not leave scratches.

(4) seal

This is the first consideration when choosing an insulation package.Although different brands of products are sealed in different ways, sealing is a necessary condition for lasting preservation of memory food.

(5) The international standard for sealing measurement is to evaluate the permeability humidity test. The permeability humidity of high-quality insulation package is 200 times lower than that of similar products, and it can keep things fresh for a longer time.

(6) Precautions for insulation belt:

1. Open flame contact or sharp cutting tools are prohibited.

2. Avoid long-term exposure to rain, humidity and sunlight, which will affect the thermal insulation effect.

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2. Product parameters (specifications) of lunch insulation bag

Directory name

Detailed instructions

Additional services

Product brand


Can be OEM production

The product name

Lunch insulation bag


Usage scenarios

Work, travel, business and leisure


The fabric material

1680 d nylon

Material can be changed as required

Material in the material

210 d nylon

Material can be replaced as required


Two-in-one backpack with one and two shoulders




Other colors can be customized


Length 30cmX 20cmX 43cm high

Size can be customized according to request


One product into a PE plastic bag, 10 per box

Packing can be designed according to requirements

Applicable product type

Contains tablet, phone, wallet,A4 magazine, umbrella, water glass


Customize the way

OEM, ODM, Brand Agency

Free choice to meet individual needs

3. What is the principle of the insulation bag?Why does it stay warm for more than two to three hours?

There is insulation material in the lunch insulation bag. The thermal conductivity of this material is relatively low, which blocks the contact with the air, so that the temperature inside the bag is concentrated, and can not be directly dispersed, so as to extend the time of temperature loss in the bag, and achieve the purpose of insulation.Generally speaking, the thermal conductivity of the insulation bag material is poor, and the heat is slow.

4. Factory actual shooting display

5. Packing and transportation of lunch insulation bag

(1) Sales units: 1.

(2) Default single packing size: 48cm X 34cm X 12cm, we can customize the packaging size according to your needs, in order to save freight for you.

(3) Packing specification: 50cm X 36m X 60cm.10PCS/ box.Carton material: K=K 5 layers of thickened corrugated paper.

(4) Mode of transportation: sea, air and land transportation.We will choose the most favorable logistics mode of transportation.

(5) (Mode of Transport).

6. After-sales service

(1) After sale of samples. If the first version needs to be modified, we will modify the samples according to the modification details. This process is completely free of charge.

(2) We will inform you of the production progress of the order products in time during the production process, so that you can know the status of the order more quickly.

(3) We will keep in touch 24 hours a day.We will communicate effectively to ensure smooth communication of information.

(4) Strictly control product quality and deliver it to you with 100% qualified rate.

(5) We will do everything possible to save costs for you.


Q1: Are you a trading company or a manufacturer?

A: We are a factory.

Q2: How long is your lead time?

A: It usually takes 3-5 days, if available.Or, if there is no stock, 35-45 days, depending on how much you need.The larger the quantity, the longer the production cycle.

Q3: Do you provide samples?Is it free or extra?

A: Yes, we can provide samples free of charge if the samples are available in stock without paying the freight.

Q4: What are your terms of payment?

A: & lt;= 1000USD, 100% payment in advance.

> = 1000USD, 30% T/T in advance, 70%D/P delivery.

Q5: Do you have a minimum order?

A: Yes, it depends on the size of the product, the process and the production process.

Q6: What is your lead time?

Answer: (1) Sample delivery time: After receiving the sample order, the sample payment will be counted. The sample cycle is about 7 working days. The transportation time varies in different regions, and the sample receipt cycle is different.By default, our samples are shipped by UPS.Can be arranged according to your needs you specify the logistics company transport.

(2) Bulk production delivery cycle: start the timing after receiving the contract and the deposit, and the production cycle is about 45 working days.

Q7: What are the quotation services you provide?What is the quotation period?What are the terms of quotation?

A :(1) We can evaluate and quote according to the pictures, design drawings (CAD drawings and 3D drawings) provided by you, and provide professional and mass-produced schemes.

(2) The cycle of batch quotation is 2-3 working days.Each product is quoted for 12 hours.

(3) Quotation mode: ex-factory price, FOB, CIF.

(4) If you need a quotation, please note the quotation method, which can enable us to better offer for you.

Q8: Do you accept third-party inspection?Can you provide the product test report?How about the quality of your production?

A:(1)Yes, we accept third-party inspection.

(2) Can provide product test report.

(3) We are the product manufacturer of Disney baseball backpacks, Wal-Mart bags and Samsonite. Please rest assured about the quality of our products.


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