In daily life, how should bags be maintained?


The use and maintenance of the bag:

1. When the animal skin bag is not in use, it should be stored in a cotton bag, not in a plastic bag, because the air in the plastic bag is not circulated, which will cause the bag to dry and be damaged. Pack some soft toilet paper or newspaper in the bag to keep the shape of the bag. If there is no suitable cloth bag, old pillowcases are also suitable.

2. Use the same leather bag every day, it is easy to cause the elasticity of the leather to fatigue, so several leather bags should be used alternately.

3. Do not use wet water for frosted skin, use raw rubber to wipe or use special products for cleaning and care. If the leather bag gets wet, you can use a dry towel to absorb the moisture, then put newspaper or clean toilet paper into the leather bag, and store it in a cool and ventilated place to air dry. Do not expose it to the sun directly, which will make the bag fade, Deformed.

4. Care should be taken to protect all metal fittings. Humidity and high salt environment will cause oxidation.

5. Keep dry and store in a cool, ventilated place.

6. Avoid exposure to the sun, fire roasting, water washing, sharp object impact and contact with chemical solvents.

Usual daily maintenance and care:

Prevent dust: To avoid becoming a "soil bag", wipe it frequently and maintain it regularly.

Avoid freezing or overheating: Many bags will dry and crack when the temperature difference is too large. In the case of high temperature and direct sunlight, the edge oil will melt, fall off, and dry up.

Tips for maintaining leather handbags:

1. Do not overload the leather bag to avoid deformation of the leather. At the same time, it should be protected from acid, alkali and moisture. To prevent the possibility of corrosion of the leather bag.

2. Do not expose the leather bag to the sun or fire it to avoid accelerated aging, fading or even cracking of the leather.

3. Light-colored leather bags should try to avoid contact with discolored clothes or other items.

4. Leather bags are usually delicate and easy to be scratched. Pay attention to scratches. At the same time, protect all hardware and zippers carefully to avoid oxidation and rust marks.

5. Bags are another type of active substance. If the same leather bag is used every day, it is easy to cause the elasticity of the cortex to fatigue, so there must be several interactive use.

6. If you need a leather bag that will not be used for a long time, you should put an appropriate amount of clean old newspaper or old clothes inside the leather goods, and you should be able to put a few packs of moisture-proof beads to prevent the leather goods from deforming;

7. When it is raining, the bag should be wiped dry in time and placed in a ventilated place to dry in time to prevent mold.

8. When the leather bag becomes moldy, use a soft cloth to wipe off the water stains and mildew spots, and put some newspapers, magazines and other things inside to dry it in the shade, don't expose it to the sun directly, it will make your favorite bag fade , Deformed. Then apply a special brightener for leather goods.

9. What to do if the bag turns black, first wipe the dirty area with toothpaste, and then wipe the toothpaste with a soft cloth. Many people use wind oil to remove it (dark bags are recommended). It is indeed an effective method. But friends, please remember that Fengyoujing is green. Before you wipe it, you must think about whether it will stain if you wipe Fengyoujing on your bag.

Note: When cleaning the leather bag, do not wash it with water or contact with chemical solvents. Water will harden the leather of the bag, and gasoline will evaporate and crack the leather.

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