How to choose a bag in summer


How to choose a bag in summer


        In summer, we all prefer colorful clothes, so how to match bags with clothes is a test subject. Today I will summarize one or two for everyone.

1. Small messenger bag

         Many women in the workplace generally choose medium or large bags for practicality. But wearing it in the summer will be too much to steal the spotlight, even if the color matching of the bag and the overall temperament of the outfit are very matched, but the oversized volume still seems a bit "cumbersome."


        Therefore, when a girl chooses a summer bag, she must first focus on Small messenger bag. The small messenger bag can be just right to modify and make people more refreshing.


Small messenger bag are now more and more popular.


2. Square women's bag

        The second strategy for choosing bags is to choose some square women's bags, especially for working women, square women's bags are more suitable for summer than wide bags.

The square women's bags is like a document bag. Although it is very narrow, it is stylish, so it can improve your personal aura very well. It is especially suitable for cool and handsome workplace girls!


3. canvas rucksack

         Many girls who prefer big bags have doubts, can't they carry big bags in summer? This doesn't have to talk about canvas rucksack, the oversized canvas rucksack are an exception, and they are definitely the first choice for summer bags.


        The reason is very simple, because the fabric of canvas is different from leather, its presence is very low, and it is very thin, and it fits perfectly with summer wear, creating a gentle youth and girly atmosphere.


         Canvas bag is a very daily bag choice, and it is generally more relaxed and lively to match with canvas bag, such as loose T-shirts, jeans and other items are good partners for canvas rucksack.

And now the canvas rucksack are becoming more and more fashionable. Not only are the colors bright, but also embossed and printed elements will be added to make our wear more colorful.

Canvas rucksack can be carried in a variety of ways. In addition to the traditional one-shoulder carry, you can also choose to carry them across the body. When we carry the canvas rucksack across the body, it is best to choose a looser T-shirt, which will make the whole more harmonious. .


  Do you know how to choose a summer bag?