What material is good for the diaper bag? Are our diaper bags useful? What is the best diaper bag?


What material is good for the diaper bag? Are our diaper bags useful? What is the best diaper bag?


First, the canvas is economical and practical, which is to take care of suffering.

Second, the second Oxford cloth has a long life, but it is not wear-resistant.

Third, polyester, wrinkle resistance, and water resistance are very good, but they will generate static electricity.

Fourth, nylon, with high strength and good toughness, is prone to damage in a low-temperature environment. I will explain in detail.


A. What material is good for the diaper bag?


The function of the diaper bag is very powerful. Under normal circumstances, you only need to prepare one to solve many problems. The material is best to choose strong, durable, and easy to take care of. In addition, most of its storage is baby products, and children sometimes hold and suck to play, so the material of the diaper bag needs to be safe and environmentally friendly. The choice of the material of the diaper bag should not be sloppy at all. The high-quality material is not only strong and durable but also saves a lot of trouble for the mother. At the same time, it is hygienic and environmentally friendly and will not affect the health of the baby. There are several common diaper bag materials on the market. What is the best diaper bag? Let us first understand their characteristics.


1) Canvas


Canvas is a thicker cotton fabric or linen fabric. The biggest feature is its durability. Especially for moms who need to bring a lot of things when going out, the diaper bag of this material has a large bearing capacity and will not be easily damaged. Therefore, it is more economical and practical. In addition, it has various types, stylish and versatile appearance, which is especially suitable for beauty-loving mothers. But it should be noted that the general canvas material is not waterproof, and it is easy to allow liquid to penetrate, thereby contaminating the supplies in the bag. After washing, deformation, yellowing, and fading are also prone to appear, which is troublesome to maintain.


2) Oxford cloth

Oxford cloth is a new type of combed cotton fabric with various functions and wide applications. Oxford cloth itself is strong and flexible and has much looser requirements for the environment. After frequent and long-term use, it can still maintain its original appearance and have a long service life. Compared with canvas material, Oxford cloth is more convenient to clean and has good air permeability. Baoma will not feel stuffy when it is worn on the body for a long time. It can be regarded as an ideal material. But Oxford cloth has a significant disadvantage, that is, it is not abrasion-resistant, so it should be avoided to rub it with hard objects for a long time to avoid damage.


3) Polyester


The chemical name of polyester is polyester fiber. The biggest advantage of this material is that it has good wrinkle resistance and water resistance and has high strength and elastic recovery ability, so it is more wear-resistant and durable. In addition, the polyester material is easy to clean, it can be cleaned directly with washing powder, and it is easy to dry. At the same time, the color fastness is good, the color is not easy to fade, and the pollution of the inner articles is avoided. However, it has poor hygroscopicity and is not breathable. It is easy to feel stuffy when used in summer, and it may cause static electricity when used in winter.


4) Nylon


The chemical name of nylon is polyamide, and the "PA" we often see is the abbreviation of nylon. This material has high mechanical strength, good toughness, high tensile and compressive strength, and is more suitable for making diaper bags for storing various items. Moreover, nylon material can still maintain its original shape after repeated inflections, so its service life is relatively long. Moreover, its surface is smooth, has a comfortable carrying experience, and has a certain degree of water resistance and abrasion resistance, which greatly increases the use-value of the diaper bag. Although nylon material has good water resistance, it lacks water absorption, so it is not very breathable, and its stability is also poor, and it is prone to damage in low-temperature environments. This needs to be considered by the mothers before buying.


Reminder: These kinds of materials have their advantages and disadvantages, and mothers can choose according to their preferences. The canvas material is economical and practical, but it is not very waterproof. Moms can choose the waterproof canvas material; while the other three materials are more durable and comfortable, but they should avoid contact and friction with sharp objects.


B. Is the diaper bag useful?


Generally speaking, the size of the diaper bag is relatively large. Most of them are equipped with an inner liner, and some have a bag with a baby bottle. The design is very user-friendly. So the price of diaper bags is not very low. Let's take a look at the opinions of mothers who have used them:


1. Going out is indispensable: If mothers often take their children out, they can consider it. This mainly depends on personal circumstances, to decorate the baby, and then put a small sheet.


2. Useless and unsightly: Some mothers find it useless. Diaper bags are expensive and most unsightly. You can find a larger bag instead.


C. What is the best diaper bag?

1) Material

Under normal circumstances, mothers need to bring a diaper bag every time they take their baby out, but ordinary families will not buy two diaper bags for alternating use, so the fabric of the diaper bag needs to be stain-resistant and easy to take care of.

Moreover, because of the need to store various supplies for the baby, the baby will sometimes hold and suck and play, and the fabric of the diaper bag needs to be safe and environmentally friendly.

In addition to the fabric, the hardware accessories of the diaper bag also need to be paid attention to, not only to be smooth and easy to use but more importantly, not to scratch the baby.

2) Style

There are generally three types of diaper bags: hand-held, single-shoulder, and double-shoulder. The size of the diaper bag needs to be determined by comprehensive considerations such as the things to be loaded, Baoma's usage habits, and body shape.

The portable models are more fashionable and compact, so they are suitable for going out and have few things to bring with them. The Bahamas pursue high fashion matching.

The capacity of the one-shoulder model is larger than that of the hand-held model. It can be carried on one shoulder during use, which can free both hands to better take care of the baby.

The capacity of the double-shoulder model is usually the largest. It is suitable for those who carry a lot of things or need to go out for a long time. The design of the double-shoulder can minimize fatigue.

3) Cost performance

Although many mothers use diaper bags, diaper bags are still a novelty overall. Although there are many brands of diaper bags on the market, the quality varies. You inevitably need to compare prices when choosing, but you should not simply compare prices.

There are many diaper bags worth dozens of dollars, but the quality is difficult to guarantee. Instead of spending a few dozen to buy a diaper bag before it is worn out, it is better to spend one to two hundred to buy a sturdy and durable one.

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