Analyze the three major development trends of my country's luggage industry


Analyze the three major development trends of my country's luggage industry

First, differentiated competition of luggage will gradually become a trend.

  With the continuous increase of raw material costs, labor costs, etc., this kind of primary form of price-based competition will become unsustainable. The key to solving this problem is to take the path of differentiation.

As far as the luggage industry is concerned, the core of differentiation is the design style of luggage. In the design of the product, find your own positioning and form your own unique style.

Second, the trend of branded consumption is becoming more and more obvious.

From the perspective of consumers, the current consumption performance of the younger generation is that they don’t like the same as those around them, and hope to reflect their unique and unique aesthetics and tastes through their own consumption. Therefore, they are used as product manufacturing. As far as businessmen are concerned, if they want to live well, they must take the initiative to cater to this change in consumers and provide differentiated products.

By giving bags a unique brand personality and establishing their unique brand differentiation, it is possible to achieve differentiation in emotional benefits and even self-expression benefits.

Third, the trend of channel diversification is obvious.

Traditional channels are mainly large wholesale channels. Facts have proved that this channel can indeed play a positive role in the early stage of luggage companies, but as time goes by, this channel gradually lags behind and even becomes an obstacle to the further development of luggage companies.