Our buxingzhe


Our buxingzhe

   Our buxingzhe was established in 2005 and has more than 16 years of handbag production experience. It is a mature Chinese handbag and luggage manufacturer. We buxingzhe are a "local enterprise" founded by the new Dongguan owners, rooted in the hot land of Dongguan, and continue to grow and develop.


  We are good at the source manufacturers of handbags of any style, whether it is student bags, women's bags, men's casual bags, gym bags, mountaineering bags, or all kinds of tool bags, all of which are in the leading position in the industry.


 Buxingzhe's tenet is people-oriented, respect for human rights, and win-win cooperation, so that every employee treats the factory as his own home, and treats every product we produce as a handicraft, made with heart.