How to choose the most suitable hydrating package for you


How to choose the best hydration pack for you

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There isn’t one perfect hydration pack for everyone, since the one you choose will depend on what you need it for. Here’s what to consider:

✔️ Capacity: The most important feature of any hydration pack is its storage space. Smaller packs may only have 1-liter bladders that store water and a few small pockets, while others may have bladders that hold up to 3 liters of water with space for other gear like your phone and an extra shirt.

Determine how much storage you really need by thinking about your outdoor adventures, Sheu explains. If you’re generally out all day, go for a larger size; but if you’re only planning on being on the move for a couple of hours, pick a smaller size—you’ll be glad you aren’t lugging around too much. “Try to go for the lightest possible hydration pack that you can because you want to cut down on extra baggage weight, especially when you’re running and hiking; you want to feel as light as possible,” Sheu adds.

✔️ The right fit: Hydration packs are available in many forms, including backpacks, vests, belts, and waist-bags. If you’re running, you’ll probably want to opt for a hydration pack in backpack or vest form. They’re easier to move in and won’t weigh you down, Sheu says. Hydration packs that go around your waist are more likely to bounce, so they’re better for biking and walking, since your body jostles less (cyclists, though, might prefer a backpack or a waist pack that sits on the lower back rather than in the front).

However, no matter what activity you’re doing, “find one that has a good snug fit, and that has some level of bounce resistance,” Sheu advises. Otherwise, the pack might rub against the skin, chafe, or cause general discomfort.

✔️ Breathable materials: “It doesn’t matter what long-distance activity you’re doing; the material needs to be lightweight, breathable, chafe-free, and waterproof,” Sheu says. Look for nylon, polyester, vinyl, or mesh fabrics. These breathable materials won’t feel heavy and won’t get soggy in the rain.

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