Can I wash my Diaper bag in the washing machine?


Yes, but it is best to wash by hand.

         1. If it is a diaper bag, it is best not to wash it with a washing machine. Some corners and corners cannot be washed off. The diaper bag is large and cannot be cleaned when it is washed in the washing machine. Use a soft brush or Brush the toothbrush lightly so that you can see where is dirty, and the corners can also be washed. When drying, hang it upside down to dry, so that the water will flow out along the mouth of the diaper bag.


        2. But the washing machine should be set to a gentle and slow speed, because the structural frame supporting the diaper bag is likely to be deformed.


        3. When washing, remember not to heat up or the temperature should not exceed 30 degrees. If the temperature is too high, unknown accessories may be damaged.


        4. Remember to lower the spin speed as much as possible. It is best to choose the lowest gear, so that the diaper bag is not easy to deform, and it is not easy to cause imbalance in the washing machine. It is best to place the washed diaper bag on a flat surface, naturally Air dry so that the entire diaper bag will be deformed.


       5. Does the newly purchased diaper bag need to be washed before it can be used? The answer is yes, because the production of diaper bags is made by manual and semi-automatic machinery, and there are many accessories. From raw materials to products, 150 processes are needed to complete. The raw material itself emits the smell of the fabric, and washing can reduce the taste of the raw material. At the lowest level, it is more comfortable to use