What causes the premature rupture of the water bag


First of all, what water bag?

             A water bag having a collapsible waterproof bag body provided with a mouth at one end and a suction valve controlled water outlet at the other end, strips of hook material and strips of loop material provided at the bag body at different elevations and adapted for securing the mouth in a closed rolled up status, and a plastic springy strip embedded in a two-layer structure of one of two opposite bag body sidewall of the mouth for squeezing by fingers to stretch open the mouth after the strips of hook material unfastened from the strips of loop material and the mouth extended out.

Then, I will introduce a water bag I am using.It has the following characteristics

  • Stay Dry, Stay Happy - Wet gear ruins a great day out quicker than you can say “darn, I just dropped my phone in the river!” These fold-closed bags come in 5, 10 and 20 liter sizes. So your essentials are all safe and dry for whenever you need them next
  • Strong and Durable - Made using an innovative see-through PVC fabric. This hi-tech material is ultra-durable, watertight and puncture resistant. Safely pack your equipment away in seconds with a few rolls at the top and then snap it shut using the heavy-duty clip.
  • See-Through! - Because this bag is made “See-Through” you are able to find your things with ease without fishing around trying to locate your keys, phone etc.
  • Ready for Anything. Keep everything dry for camping, swimming, boating, kayaking or just a lazy day at the beach. Whatever your plans, enjoy them - in the knowledge your gear is safe from sand, snow, dust, dirt and dry as a bone.
  • Total Satisfaction Promise. Our Nashville-based team loves helping you to enjoy the outdoors. Expect the same quality materials and unbeatable service from the folks behind one of Amazon’s top-selling and highly rated outdoor brands with over 20,000 combined highly rated reviews

So, what causes the water bag to rupture prematurely?

I think there is one reason why you did not choose our products.