There is a knack for maintaining your big-name handbags



       Different materials, please "prescribe the right medicine" for maintenance

        Rare leather handbags such as crocodile skin, ostrich skin, lizard skin, etc. need to be cleaned on the surface with a dry towel, and then lightly applied with a layer of leather brightener to increase the luster of the leather surface. If it is made of special materials such as suede, suede, and fleece, you need to use a soft animal hair brush to gently sweep the surface of the handbag. The above-mentioned materials are not easy to care for, so try to avoid sticking with strong adhesion food or paint; and cotton, cloth and other easily dirty materials, please remember not to use a brush to clean it, which is easy to leave marks and dirt, and wipe it with a clean and moist towel Let it dry naturally. It is necessary to prescribe the right medicine to make the handbags caring and maintenance intimately.

       Maintain the "initial body shape" of the handbag

       Whether it's a three-dimensional handbag or a soft material clutch, you can't "throw" it in the closet at will. How to store and place handbags is a science. Everyone needs two "artifacts": dust bags and shredded paper balls. Shaped handbags need to be packed into shredded paper to maintain their "body shape". After basic cleaning, please wrap them in a dust-proof bag (please don’t store patent leather bags in plastic bags), and finally put them in a ventilated and a certain space In the cabinet. Treat soft and invisible handbags without ambiguity. Try not to mix handbags made of soft materials such as lambskin and soft leather with sharp objects. Hanging or laying them flat in a storage box is a good choice. If you find that the handbag has creases or wrinkles, turn the hair dryer to a small gear and blow the wrinkles gently.

        Make handbags glamorous and not fading

        How many handbags attract us by their beautiful colors, so it is very important to protect their "look". The biggest culprit that makes handbags fade is sun exposure. The place where handbags are placed must be shaded and ventilated. Secondly, please use the polish spray to wipe regularly. When you are not back, you can apply milk or glycerin to maintain the color. As for patent leather, light-colored handbags that are easy to stain, please try to avoid putting them together with easy-to-fading clothes or chemical solvents.

       Never let go of the handbag lining

       Nowadays, many luxury handbags are lined with precious materials such as full leather or even crocodile leather, so please don't neglect the maintenance of the lining. The cosmetics or food in the bag must be sealed. If you accidentally leak it, it will damage the entire lining; it is better to put a capped pen instead of pressing the pen when you put the pen, so as not to "stroke" on the lining after the pen is pressed. . Finally, please try to avoid placing sharp objects so as not to scratch the lining, so that the handbag can "look like one inside and outside."

       Make hardware accessories lasting shiny

      The hardware accessories of the big-name bags were originally designed to reduce the abrasion of the corner leather. In recent years, they have gradually evolved into a part of the handbag design. The hardware fittings are rusty or affect the appearance, so remember to wipe them regularly. After the handbag is exposed to the rain, wipe it with a dry towel in time; if it has been slightly oxidized or rusted, you can wipe it gently with toothpaste or flour. In addition, avoid collisions with sharp objects when using handbags to avoid scratches on hardware accessories.

      Routine maintenance is the most important

      First of all, don't put heavy items in the handbag, otherwise the handbag will lose its original shape over time. The second is to pay attention to the maintenance of the handle. Frequent contact with the hand makes the handle very easy to wear and accumulate dirt. Keep your palms clean when you carry the bag, or tie a silk scarf on the handle to keep the handle clean. Third, if stains are attached, they must be treated immediately. Toothpaste, alcohol or detergent can be used to temporarily treat stains. Of course, keeping some professional care handbag spray or maintenance oil on a regular basis is the king.

       Let handbags also enjoy professional maintenance

       Classic big-brand handbags with rare leathers, as long as they are properly maintained, not only can be carried for a lifetime or even passed on to the next generation. Most luxury brands provide free basic maintenance for their handbags. In addition, you can also take your bag to a professional leather maintenance store for more luxurious and thorough maintenance. Professional techniques and maintenance products can not only repair difficult problems such as wear, scratches, and fading, but also make handbags The declining natural oils are repaired, greatly extending the life of the handbag. So what are you waiting for, go to the "4S shop" in the handbag industry to do a "rejuvenating" beauty for your bags!