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mtb backpack.We will do everything possible to save you costs.We will keep in touch for 24 hours. We will use efficient communication to ensure smooth information communication.After the sample is sold, if the first edition needs to be modified, we will modify the sample according to the modification details. The entire process of producing the second edition sample is completely free.Our corporate mailbox is permanently valid and is staffed by professional customer service personnel. You can write to us for consultation and complaints at any time. We will read and reply efficiently and carefully.

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Product Description

mtb backpack

   DongGuan buxingzhe bags Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. If you need to customize backpack products or represent our brand, please contact us:

1. How to choose a mountain bike backpack?

Choosing the right bike backpack largely depends on the backpack you plan to buy

(1) Mountain bike backpacks need to have ergonomic characteristics, which will help improve the comfort and stability of the backpack. The body positioning of a person when riding a bicycle is very different from that of walking, hiking, running, etc.

(2) Commuting: If you plan to use your bicycle backpack for commuting to school or office, please make sure to prepare one for this. Commuter bags usually have padded compartments for laptops and tablets. They also tend to place pens, paper and other miscellaneous organizers by their desks. Make sure that the schoolbag can ride comfortably when books are loaded. The harness system on the commuter bag is usually good, but it doesn't work well. If your riding terrain is rough and uneven and requires a lot of physical exercise, please use a mountain bike backpack instead.

(3) Mountain biking: Compared with ordinary bicycle backpacks, mountain bike backpacks have a major advantage. They have some of the best seat belt systems on the market. When riding off-road, the rider must move around to keep balance and the center of gravity in the correct position. This movement of the rider allows backpack designers to create systems that can secure the backpack anywhere. Therefore, a high-quality mountain bike backpack can hug the wearer's body, and has an adjustable strap, with chest, shoulders and waist belts.

(4) Road bike or bicycle: If you are a cyclist (professional or enthusiast), you may want a lightweight moisturizer or even a vest. You will not carry too many things, so easy access (for example, a shoulder strap for water or a hydration line) will be the most important.

2. Mountain bike backpack product parameters (specifications)

Introduction name

Detailed description

additional services

product brand


Can be customized by OEM

product name

Mountain bike backpack


Fabric material

Nylon Oxford cloth

Material can be changed as required

Lining material

210D nylon Oxford cloth

Material can be changed as required


Vertical square




The color can be changed as required


Length 26cm X width 23cm X height 46cm

The size can be modified as required


1 product in 1 plastic bag, 10 products in a carton


scenes to be used

Outdoor activities


Custom way

OEM, ODM, Brand agency


Product Weight



Product gross weight


3. What size bike backpack do you need?

It can be said that the most important thing to consider when choosing a bicycle backpack is size.

You need to stay comfortable when riding a bicycle. If the backpack is too large, it may cause the rear tires to rub or cause you to fall into an awkward posture. You really need to consider how much size you need to fit your equipment comfortably.

If you live in the United States, you will notice that most packages are marked with liters. No need to bother to convert it to cubic feet or something you are more familiar with, you can use the list below as a quick guide.

·10L to 15L = small and compact packaging

·16L to 20L = medium package

· 20L to 30L = large

· 30 liters + = may be too big for an epic trek

It’s never a good idea to get a suitcase with extra space “just because”. For those who want extra space, the solution is to get a backpack that can be expanded.

The surplus space is usually accessed through a zipper, which releases excess material when opened, thereby making the main compartment larger. When the compression band is loosened, there are still some bags that can be opened more. Each option is a good choice, so choose the one you think will be better. They will enable you to have a suitable bag, and you will often find that the expansion zipper is closed.

The last useful extension is the foldable top bag. The fewer times the top is rolled down, the greater the packaging space.

For all the minimalists out there, make sure not to choose a backpack that is too small. There is a reason why you choose a backpack. Make sure that the backpack is large enough to fit your phone or tools, or other items you want to carry determine that you should get a bicycle bag.

4. How to choose the function of mountain bike backpack?

Laptop pocket. As mentioned above, laptops and tablets are usually carried by commuters. Many packages come with padded pockets to protect your electrical investment. The standard laptop compartment can accommodate up to 15-inch laptops. However, if you look hard enough, you will find that a backpack with special pockets can hold up to 17 inches of laptops.

Rain cover. The rain cover prevents water from flowing out of your actual backpack and keeps stored items out of water. Another highlight of rain covers is that they also have reflective details to keep you alive. (We discuss waterproof and waterproof bags in detail below)

Glasses pocket. Many bags have a convenient pocket for storing glasses or sunglasses. These pockets are lined with a soft fabric to ensure that your lenses will not be scratched.

Camera crossover. Both photographers and videographers will benefit from dividers and special compartments to ensure the safety of their cameras and lenses. These are usually only found in backpacks dedicated to cameras.

Corkscrew. Sometimes you will find a bag with a bottle opener. This is more novel than anything, but if you like to drink a drink after riding, that’s great.

Moisturizing pack. Backpacks with space for a hydration system are ideal for those who are engaged in intense play or who do not want to carry a kettle with them. Some backpacks actually have a hydration system, while others have only one compartment. Therefore, be sure to check before buying. The hydration bladder also comes in many different sizes, so please determine how much water you think you need to buy the best water for you.

Reflective details and bicycle light accessories. If you are riding before the sun rises, after sunset, or in bad weather, it is important to consider reflective details and bicycle light attachments. In direct light, reflective details will glow in the dark. Therefore, if a car is approaching you at night, the headlights will reflect light from the parts to ensure that the car driver can see you. The bicycle light accessory allows you to show your figure to others using the light kept on the backpack. Unlike reflective details, this does not require light on it.

5. Packing and delivery of mountain bike backpacks

(1) Sales unit: each.

(2) The default single packaging size: length 26cm X width 23cm X height 46cm, we can customize the design packaging size according to your needs, so as to save you freight.

(3) Packing specification: 28cm X 45cm X 48cm. 10PCS/carton. Carton material: K=K 5-layer thick corrugated paper.

(4) Gross weight of the whole box: 7.5Kg.

(5) Net weight of the whole box: 6.5Kg.

(6) Mode of transportation: sea, air, land. We will choose the most favorable logistics transportation method.

(7) We can design a more cost-effective packaging method, but this will sacrifice some things and may cause changes in the appearance of the product. We generally do not recommend customers to use this method.

(8) If necessary, we will design the packaging of this baseball backpack according to your requirements.

(9) If you need a sample of this baseball backpack, we will choose to send it by air.

6. Factory real shot display

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