Men's computer backpack
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Men's computer backpack

Men's computer backpack,Buy laptop backpacks. Protect your laptop while easily carrying it on a busy day.This men’s computer backpack is made of 900D waterproof Oxford cloth. This material has a brighter luster, and also has reliable tensile strength. The extremely fine textile density and waterproof coating make it waterproof and resistant. Pull level has a qualitative improvement.

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Product Description

Men's computer backpack

Detailed description about DongGuan buxingzhe bags Co., Ltd.:

   DongGuan buxingzhebags Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Our main business is the design, production and sales of backpack products, such as anti-theft laptop backpacks, student school bags, school bags, diaper bags, outdoor backpacks, sports backpacks, rucksacks, shoulder backpacks and other products. At the same time, we also expand other businesses. For example, design and production: waist bags, duffel bags, handbags, tool bags, lunch bags, gun bags, military tactical bags, pet bags and other products. If you need to customize backpack products or represent our brand, please contact us:

1. Men's computer backpack product introduction:

(1) This men’s computer backpack is made of 900D waterproof Oxford cloth. This material has a brighter luster, and also has reliable tensile strength. The extremely fine textile density and waterproof coating make it waterproof and resistant. Pull level has a qualitative improvement.

(2) 210D nylon oxford cloth is used inside, and the delicate textile technology and luster make this material look very advanced. Most advanced backpacks are using this material.

(3) We have designed an expansion function for this men’s computer backpack. This design is flexible and convenient, which can effectively increase the capacity of the backpack and allow customers to load more items. The daily use capacity is 26L, after expansion, it is 39L.

(4) In order to prevent hackers from stealing cash in ID cards or credit cards, we specially use materials that shield electromagnetic signals to design a stolen credit card bag for this men's computer backpack, so that it is safe to use the customer's card to prevent the bag from being inside.

(5) In order to cooperate with the trolley case, we specially designed a fixing strap for this men's computer backpack that can be fixed on the trolley case rod. For long-distance business trips, you don’t have to bear on your shoulders hard, just put it directly on the trolley box, liberating the tired body of customers.

(6) We designed a 180° opening for this backpack, so that people who use this backpack can more easily access items.

(7) This type of men’s computer backpack can accommodate laptops up to 17.3 inches.

(8) The weight of 1.2Kg makes the backpack very lightweight. We put ourselves on the ground and look at the problem from the perspective of consumers and propose solutions.

(9) This men's laptop backpack can effectively accommodate laptop peripheral products, including keyboard, mouse, power cord, and a large storage bag inside, which can accommodate clothing, footwear and other items used on business trips. It is a versatile backpack.

(10) We have also thoughtfully designed an external mobile phone charging head, so that users do not need to have mobile power and mobile phones in their hands during business trips, effectively solving the problem of users holding multiple items in one hand.

2. Product parameters (specifications) of men’s computer backpacks

Directory name

Detailed description

additional services

product brand



product name

Men's computer backpack


scenes to be used

Leisure, work, travel, business trip, business


Fabric material

900D waterproof nylon Oxford cloth

Can be produced by changing materials as required

Lining material

210D nylon Oxford cloth

Can be produced by changing materials as required


Vertical square backpack




Other colors can be customized


Length 30cmX Width 24cmX Height 48cm

Size can be customized according to requirements


One product into one PE plastic bag, 10 pcs/carton

The packaging method can be designed according to requirements

Applicable product type

Including laptops and tablets with a size below 17.3 inches


Custom way

OEM, ODM, Brand agency

Free choice to meet individual needs

product weight


additional services

3. Features and applications of men's computer backpacks

(1) This men’s computer backpack has the characteristics of waterproof, scratch-resistant, load-reducing, shock-absorbing, wear-resistant, long service life, and multi-function.

(2) The back mesh fabric can effectively help the back heat dissipation, keep the back ventilated and dry, and protect the health of the user.

(3) You can use this men’s computer backpack to easily store your work laptop and peripheral accessories, such as keyboard, mouse, U disk, mobile disk, etc., during business negotiations, work, travel, business trips and leisure. Can hold the clothes, toiletries, etc. used by the user on business trips

(4) Made of high-grade waterproof raw materials, good products must be inseparable from high-quality raw materials and exquisite sewing techniques.

(5) We have equipped this men’s computer backpack with an anti-theft swipe inner compartment, which can effectively prevent the user's bank card from being swiped by hackers and protect the user’s funds.

(6) Secondly, this bag has a generous and fashionable design, suitable for all adult men.

(7) This men's computer backpack is equipped with an external charging hole, which can charge the mobile phone anytime and anywhere during walking. However, the user needs to place the polymer mobile power supply in the corresponding position in the bag. Users can choose to match the power supply by themselves. If the user cannot provide the power bank by himself, we can provide the polymer power bank.

5. Packing and shipping of men's computer backpacks

(1) Sales unit: each.

(2) The default single package size: 48cm X 32cm X 12cm, we can customize the design package size according to your needs, so as to save you freight.

(3) Packing specification: 50cm X 36m X 78cm.10PCS/carton. Carton material: K=K 5-layer thick corrugated paper.

(4) Mode of transportation: sea, air, land. We will choose the most favorable logistics transportation method.

(5) We can design a more cost-effective packaging method, but this will sacrifice some things and may cause changes in the appearance of the product. We generally do not recommend customers to use this method.

(6) If necessary, we will design the packaging of this men’s computer backpack according to your requirements.

6. After-sales service

(1) We will keep in touch for 24 hours. We will use efficient communication to ensure smooth information communication.

(2) Strictly control product quality and deliver it to you with a 100% pass rate.

(3) After the sample is sold, if the first edition needs to be modified, we will modify the sample according to the modification details. The entire process of producing the second edition sample is completely free.

(4) We will inform you of the production progress of the order product in time during the production process, so that you can understand the order status faster.

(5) We will do everything possible to save you costs.

(6) Our corporate mailbox is permanently valid and is run by professional customer service personnel. You can write to us for consultation and complaints at any time. We will read and reply efficiently and carefully.


Q5: Do you have a MOQ limit?

Answer: Yes, it depends on your product process level and product quantity.

Q6: How long is your delivery cycle?


(1) Sample delivery time: After receiving the sample order, the sample payment will start to count. The sample period is about 7 working days. Different areas have different shipping times and different periods for receiving samples. Our default samples are shipped using UPS. According to your needs, the logistics company you specify can be arranged for transportation.

(2) Mass production delivery cycle: After receiving the mass production contract and the advance payment, the time will start. The production cycle is about 45 working days.

Q8: Do you accept third-party inspection? Can you provide product test reports? How is your production quality?


(1) Yes, we accept third-party inspection.

(2) Product test report can be provided.

(3) We are a manufacturer of Disney school bags, Wal-Mart bags, and Samsonite products. Please rest assured of the quality of production.

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