Insulated lunch bags
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Insulated lunch bags

Insulated lunch bags.It will keep your lunch at the right temperature for up to four hours. It has 5 beautiful patterns, each of which resembles a handbag, and has an extra pocket on the front, which is perfect for storing utensils or napkins.If you are looking for a concise bento box, then this affordable option is perfect

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Product Description

Insulated lunch bags


Q1. How long does it take for you to communicate and reply?

A: We will reply you within 4 hours after receiving your inquiry email.

Q2: What is your mass production output?


(1) Our simple backpack produces 50,000 pieces per day and 1,500,000 pieces per month.

(2) For backpacks with more complicated craftsmanship, a daily output of 3000 pieces and a monthly output of 100,000.

Q3: Do you have a MOQ limit?

Answer: Yes, it depends on your product process level and product quantity.

Q4. Are you a factory or a trader?

Answer: We are a Chinese bag manufacturer, a Chinese bag manufacturer, not a trader.

Q5. What are your payment terms?


A:<= 1000USD, 100% payment in advance.

B:>=1000USD, 30% T/T in advance, 70% D/P for shipment.

Q6. How long is your sample production lead time? Do you provide samples? Is it free or extra?


(1) We can provide you with free samples, but you need to pay the express fee from China to your country.

(2) 7-10 working days for customized samples, 48 hours for spot samples.

Q7: You don't want our product design, can you make and produce according to my design drawing?

Answer: Yes, we can produce according to your product design drawings.

Q8. What is your lead time for mass production in days?

Answer: 500-1000 product production cycle 30-35 days

1000-3000 product production cycle 35-40 days

3000-5000 product production cycle 40-45 days

5000-10000 product production cycle 45-50 days

According to the production technology level and the difficulty of customized products, adjust the above production cycle. Need to check the provided pictures or samples to determine the accurate production cycle.

Q9. Which quotation method do you accept? How many days is the quote period?


(1) Take a quotation for the product picture, quote according to the product design draft, and quote according to the sample provided.

(2) The single product quotation cycle is 12 hours, and the batch quotation cycle is 2-3 days.

(3) Quotation method: ex-factory price, FOB, CIF.

(4) If you need a quotation, please note the quotation method, which allows us to better quote you.

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2. The best home ladies lunch bag-keep the tools dry:

(1) It will keep your lunch at the right temperature for up to four hours. It has 5 beautiful patterns, each of which resembles a handbag, and has an extra pocket on the front, which is perfect for storing utensils or napkins.

(2) If you are looking for a concise bento box, then this affordable option is perfect.

(3) And the cutest lunch bag in the world, fashionable lunch bag. There is a convenient handle, and the inner wipe is easy to clean.

(4) Eating out is an expensive job. You can prepare food at home and take it with you to save a lot of money. However, bringing a lunch box by hand is not only unsightly, but also brings great inconvenience. Fortunately, there are lunch bags for ladies. This lunch bag is specially designed for women, which means it is both practical and fashionable. In fact, there are many themes and designs for you to choose from, and you may find a theme that you like to exercise instead of trying to hide it.

(5) Female lunch bags are also specially used to carry lunch boxes and other foods. This means that it can keep your bento box in the correct position at any time, and it can also hold other food-related items. Now, before you go out and buy ladies lunch bags, there are some important factors to consider.

(6) The first factor you need to evaluate is whether you want insulated or non-insulated lunch bags. The price of a non-insulated bag is usually cheaper, but it lacks an important feature, which will make your food cold or longer. Insulated bags will have this function, and it does make a big difference. The downside is that its price is usually higher.

(7) A busy woman may bring a lunch bag to work several times a week, so to her, the lunch bag is like a second wallet. The best lunch bags for ladies are both functional and stylish.

(8) We have designed the best designer bento bags for ladies, which are not only thermal insulation but also fashionable. Insulation can keep hot food warm and cold food cool. The best part? The insert is removable and can be machine-washed or hand-washed.

3. Ladies lunch bag product parameters (specifications)

Introduction name

Detailed description

additional services

product brand


Can be customized by OEM

product name

Ladies lunch bag


Fabric material

Printed Oxford cloth

Material can be changed as required

Lining material


Material can be changed as required


Vertical square




The color can be changed as required



The size can be modified as required


1 product in 1 plastic bag, 10 products in a carton


scenes to be used

Outdoor sports, leisure, travel


Custom way

OEM, ODM, Brand agency


Product Weight



Product gross weight



4. After-sales service

(1) We will do everything possible to save you costs.

(2) We will keep in touch for 24 hours. We will use efficient communication to ensure smooth information communication.

(3) After the sample is sold, if the first edition needs to be modified, we will modify the sample according to the modification details. The entire process of producing the second edition sample is completely free.

(4) Our corporate mailbox is permanently valid and is staffed by professional customer service personnel. You can write to us for consultation and complaints at any time. We will read and reply efficiently and carefully.

(5) We will strictly control the quality of the products and deliver them to you with a 100% pass rate.

(6) We will inform you of the production progress of the order product in time during the production process, so that you can understand the order status faster.

5. Ladies lunch bag packaging and delivery

(1) Sales unit: each.

(2) The default single package size: 40*23*5cm, we can customize the design package size according to your needs, so as to save you freight.

(3) Packing specification: 90cm X 50cm X 70cm. 90PCS/carton. Carton material: K=K 5-layer thick corrugated paper.

(4) Gross weight of the whole box: 28Kg.

(5) Net weight of the whole box: 26Kg.

(6) Mode of transportation: sea, air, land. We will choose the most favorable logistics transportation method.

(7) If necessary, we will design the packaging of this baseball backpack according to your requirements.

(8) If you need a sample of this baseball backpack, we will choose to ship it to you by air.

(9) We can design a more economical packaging method, but this will sacrifice some things and may cause changes in the appearance of the product. We generally do not recommend customers to use this method.

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