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Cat litter

Cat litter,Good cat litter helps reduce odor, clumps and is easy to clean

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Cat litter

Detailed description about Dongguan bùxíngzhě Luggage Co., Ltd.:

Dongguan bùxíngzhě Luggage Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Our main business is the design, production and sales of backpack products, such as: laptop backpacks, student school bags, school bags, diaper bags, outdoor backpacks, sports backpacks, rucksacks, cartoon school bags and other products.  If you need to customize backpack products or represent our brand, please contact us:

1. The Best Cat Nest -- A Warm Home for Your Pet:

(1) velvet, cashmere, coral velvet and other washable materials, comfortable and warm.There are also light pink/brown/gray/beige/purple/black color for customers to choose.Fashion and beautiful, warm and comfortable, folding pet nest, easy to carry, easy to go out.

(2) According to the actual needs, we can make products of different sizes.Ideal for small and large dogs and cats - a good place for pets.

(3) Semi-closed design, breathable and comfortable, movable and clean.Lovely cave design, unique shape, in line with pet's natural cave insight.

(4) away from the ground moisture threat, let the dog bid farewell to skin disease.

(5) In summer, the bottom can be replaced with high quality Teslin mesh cloth, which is not easy to break, convenient to clean, ventilated and breathable without peculiar smell.

2. What if the cat doesn't sleep in the cat house?

1 master can observe where cats like to sleep more at ordinary times, and then place the cat litter location choice cat likes to sleep, usually quiet comfortable vision and open areas, cats will prefer, can also be placed inside the cat litter some cat favorite toy or blanket, let the cat cat nest inside his exploration, familiar smell will reassure the cat.

3. Product parameters (specifications) of cat's nest

Introduce the name

Detailed instructions

Additional services

product brand


It can be customized

The product name

Cat litter


The material

Velvet, cashmere, coral velvet

Additional services


Heat sublimation/screen printing/embroidery

It can be customized


Waterproof, insulated, washable


Characteristics of the

Packing carton according to customer requirement



Outdoor sports, leisure and tourism

Dimensions can be modified on request


OEM, ODM, Brand Agency


Usage scenarios

1.3 kg


Customize the way



Product net weight

Detailed instructions


The product gross weight



3. How to choose a suitable cat house or one your cat likes?

Here are some suggestions for you:

(1)The villa of the big cat should not be too big. It should be about the same size as his.

(2)The solid wood is the best, because the solid wood is strong and durable, we use the fir, and the smell of the fir itself.

(3)There are a few holes left in the cat's nest, which he likes to get into.

(4)Tie some hemp rope above the post to be used as a cat scratch board for him, but he likes to sharpen his claws, so the leather sofa at home is no longer to worry about.

(5)Do not paint the solid wood cat nest, no matter what paint, water-based paint ah what, known as no taste, but the cat cat he can smell.

4. Factory real shot display

5. Packing and transportation of cat bags

(1) Sales units: 1.

(2) Default single packaging size: 43*23*34cm, we can customize the packaging size according to your needs, in order to save freight for you.

(3) Packing specification: 45cm X 50cm X 50cm.10 PCS/ box.Carton material: K=K 5 layers of thickened corrugated paper.

(4) FCL gross weight: 18KG.

(5) FCL net weight: 16KG.

(6) Mode of transportation: by sea, air and land.We will choose the most favorable logistics mode of transportation.

(7) If necessary, we will design the packing method of this baseball backpack according to your requirements.

(8) If you need a sample of this baseball backpack, we will choose to send it to you by air.

(9) We can design more freight saving packing method, but this will sacrifice some things, may cause the appearance of the product change, we generally do not recommend customers to use this method.

5. After-sales service

(5) We will do everything possible to save costs for you.

(4) We will keep in touch 24 hours a day.We will communicate effectively to ensure smooth communication of information.

(3) After sale of samples. If the first version needs to be modified, we will modify the samples according to the modification details, and the whole process of producing the second version of samples is completely free of charge.

(2) Our enterprise mailbox is permanently effective, and by professional customer service personnel, you can write to consult and complain at any time.We will read and reply efficiently and carefully.

(1) We will strictly control the quality of the products and deliver them to you with 100% qualified rate.

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