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Cat bag

I think every small cat owner needs one!These are the most useful carriers designed for dogs. Before I knew there was such a thing, I used the bulky tote bag.I don't know how to carry them properly.We both felt very uncomfortable.I think there are two types of dog owners who would benefit the most from a cat rucksack: urban, active people and people who can't walk for long periods of time.Cat bag

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The cat package

Our pet backpack also has some familiar names: cat backpack, dog backpack, cat backpack carrier, dog walking bag, dog travel bag, dog treatment bag...

We are an enterprise specializing in the production and sales of backpacks, computer bags and other products, located in the core area of Dongguan. Fofrer is the company's original brand. With continuous development and innovation, it has developed a variety of high-quality, multi-functional and ergonomically designed products, which have been praised and recognized by customers and friends.

Detailed description about DongGuan BuXingZhe bags Co., Ltd.:

Dongguan BuXingZhe bags Co., Ltd. was established in 2003. Our main business is the design, production and sales of backpack products, such as: laptop backpacks, student school bags, school bags, diaper bags, outdoor backpacks, sports backpacks, rucksacks, cartoon school bags and other products. At the same time, we also expand other businesses, such as design Production: belt bags, duffel bags, handbags, tool bags, lunch bags, gun bags, military tactical bags, pet bags and other products. In order to meet the individual needs of customers, we have also established a department to help customers find other categories of goods in China. In China, we have a strong and mature upstream and downstream supply chain. This is our main core advantage. Because of this advantage, we can serve all our customers faster, better and better, and provide our customers with high efficiency Product customization services, we can also provide our high-quality original brand products to customers for sale. Our 600 employees and 500 production machines are our biggest assets. How do we maintain our leading position? We give priority to the connection between people, and we give priority to protecting the human rights of workers and protecting the rights of customers. The 18,000 square meters workshop allows us to accommodate more production equipment and production workers, and provide services to customers from product design, sample production, mass production, freight logistics, and customs declaration. If you need to customize backpack products or represent our brand, please contact us:

1. Who needs a cat bag:

(1) I think every small cat owner needs one!These are the most useful carriers designed for dogs. Before I knew there was such a thing, I used the bulky tote bag.I don't know how to carry them properly.We both felt very uncomfortable.I think there are two types of dog owners who would benefit the most from a cat rucksack: urban, active people and people who can't walk for long periods of time.

(2) If you live in a city like mine and are very active, then you would like to carry a cat backpack.Now, I can easily ride a bike with your dog, take him to the grocery store (he suffers from separation anxiety, so he has no choice but to leave him out of the store) or take public transportation.Once I even took him to his cellar for a wine tasting.I just put him under the bench and nobody even noticed him.In the picture above, we took him on a boat trip.One big advantage is that he likes sundries or carriers.He's a curler, so he likes to shrink down and fall asleep in tight Spaces.Very nice.

(3) I think cat bags are especially convenient for urban people who have kittens.Especially if you use public transportation a lot or ride a bicycle, you must bring a backpack.Even if dogs aren't allowed on public transportation at all, your pup won't be visible in most cat rucksacks.Awards!I also like this solution a lot because you don't need a car to have a dog.A doggy bag will only make you more flexible.A day trip with your pup is also a must. A dog that cannot walk for long periods of time.

(4) How the second group owned cats that could not walk for long periods of time.If you love hiking, but a cat bag can't hike with you all day, a cat backpack carrier is the best solution. If you have two cats and one cat needs more exercise than the other, this is also a good solution.

2. Cat bag product parameters (specifications)

Introduce the name

Detailed instructions

Additional services

product brand


It can be customized

The product name

The cat package


The fabric material

Printed Oxford cloth

Additional services

Material in the material


It can be customized


Vertical type square







Dimensions can be modified on request


1 product into a plastic bag, 10 products into a carton


Usage scenarios

Outdoor sports, leisure and tourism


Customize the way

OEM, ODM, Brand Agency


Product net weight

1.6 kg


The product gross weight

1.7 kg


3. How to choose a suitable cat house or one your cat likes?

Here are some suggestions for you:

(1)The villa of the big cat should not be too big. It should be about the same size as his.

(2)The solid wood is the best, because the solid wood is strong and durable, we use the fir, and the smell of the fir itself.

(3)There are a few holes left in the cat's nest, which he likes to get into.

(4)Tie some hemp rope above the post to be used as a cat scratch board for him, but he likes to sharpen his claws, so the leather sofa at home is no longer to worry about.

(5)Do not paint the solid wood cat nest, no matter what paint, water-based paint ah what, known as no taste, but the cat cat he can smell.

4. Factory real shot display

5. Packing and transportation of cat bags

(1) Sales units: 1.

(2) Default single packaging size: 43*23*34cm, we can customize the packaging size according to your needs, in order to save freight for you.

(3) Packing specification: 45cm X 50cm X 50cm.10 PCS/ box.Carton material: K=K 5 layers of thickened corrugated paper.

(4) FCL gross weight: 18KG.

(5) FCL net weight: 16KG.

(6) Mode of transportation: by sea, air and land.We will choose the most favorable logistics mode of transportation.

(7) If necessary, we will design the packing method of this baseball backpack according to your requirements.

(8) If you need a sample of this baseball backpack, we will choose to send it to you by air.

(9) We can design more freight saving packing method, but this will sacrifice some things, may cause the appearance of the product change, we generally do not recommend customers to use this method.


Q8. What is your lead time for mass production in days?

Answer: The production cycle of 500-1000 products is 30-35 days.

The production cycle of 1000-3000 products is 35-40 days.

The production cycle of 3000-5000 products is 40-45 days.

The production cycle of 5000-10000 products is 45-50 days.

The above production cycle shall be adjusted according to the level of production technology and the difficulty of customized products.The supplied pictures or samples should be checked to determine the exact production cycle.

Q9: What kind of quotation do you acceptHow many days is the quotation period?

Answer :(1) shooting product drawing quotation, quotation according to the product design draft, quotation according to the sample provided.

(2) The quotation period of single product is 12 hours, and the quotation period of batch is 2-3 days.

(3) Quotation mode: ex-factory price, FOB, CIF.

(4) If you need a quotation, please note the quotation method, which can enable us to better offer for you.

Q10. How many days is the lead time of your sample?Do you provide samples?Is it free or extra?

A :(1) We can provide free samples to you, but you need to pay the express fee from China to your country.

(2) 7-10 working days for customized samples and 48 hours for spot samples.

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